Figure-Rise Standard – Kamen Rider Double Fang Joker


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Fang Joker from “Kamen Rider W” is the next entry in Bandai’s “Figure-rise Standard” model-kit lineup! The white parts of his suit are molded in material with a high gloss, and different molding materials are used for each part to express the differences in the textures of his suit. The Saber deployment stage can be reproduced with parts exchange; parts for the Arm Saber, Maximum Saber and Shoulder Saber moves are included. The Fang Memory attached to the Double Driver is also reproduced in high detail; in addition to the hand-held Saber, various other expressive hand parts are included. Place your order today!


Arm Saber
Maximum Saber
Shoulder Saber
Handheld Shoulder Saber
Fang Memory
Joker Memory
Joint parts (x1 set)
Hand parts (x1 set)
Figure-rise Effect Pedestal

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