Figure-Rise Standard – Kamen Rider Faiz




“From the 2003 series “”Kamen Rider Faiz”” comes a Figure-rise Standard kit of Kamen Rider 555 himself! Some of the silver parts of his suit have been recreated with the use of extra finish processing, and his shoulders feature new molding to make the kit even more accurate to the show.

Thanks to the improvements in his shoulder armor’s coloring and the improved range of movements in his hip joints and other parts, he can recreate the Crimson Smash pose. Order today!


Faiz Phone (x2) (with and without Mission Memory)
Phone Blaster
Faiz Shot (big x1/ small x1)
Faiz Pointer (tall x1/ short x1)
Faiz Edge
Hand part (x6 types)
Effect part for crimson smash
Display base
Foil sticker sheet”

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