Figure-rise Standard – Kamen Rider Ghost Ore Damashii




Kamen Rider Ghost is now available in Figure-rise Standard!
The precise lines of the whole body in transient form are reproduced with a plastic sticker with excellent color development.
The characteristic [ghost driver] is expressed with clear parts.
Combine [Ore Ghost] parts with [Transient Form] to enter the [Ore Soul] state. You can enjoy assembling while imagining the transformation in the play!
Various hand parts are included, allowing you to express impressive poses when activating a special move.
The characteristic hoodie is also reproduced.
Gangan Saver comes with one blade mode and one gun mode.
Comes with special parts for equipping Neo Decadriver.
A pedestal for [Ole Ghost] is included.
Accessories: Gun Gun Saver (Blade Mode / Gun Mode) x 1 each, Ore ghost parts x 1 set, Pedestal for ole ghost x 1, Joint parts x 1 set, Hand parts x 1 set, Figure-rise Effect pedestal x 1, Seal x 1, Plastic seal x 1

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