Frame Arms Girl – Baselard


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“The latest robot from the Frame Arms line to join Kotobukiya’s original spin-off series Frame Arms Girl is Zelfikar! Takayuki Yanase’s mech design is expertly recreated into the adorable FA Girl form by illustrator Humikane Shimada!

[Model Specifications]:

Reproduces the color scheme of Frame Arms Batheraldo and Zelficar
4 gun rapiers are included as special equipment
Comes with 3 pre-painted different expression parts (Smiling, eyes closed smiling, crying)
Blast Shield pieces
Dedicated base included
By adding tail parts and more, the bunny girl form can be recreated
Moveable joints
6 types of left and right PVC wrists are included
The wrists, including joints, can be recombined with existing Frame Arms Girls
Includes decals
This kit does not include the hair parts from the Baselard Frame Arms Girl.”

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