Frame Arms Girl – Hand Scale Innocentia


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Frame Arms Girl Innocentia joins Kotobukiya’s “Hand Scale” lineup of model-kit figures! She’ll be about 7.5cm tall when assembled, with more than points of articulation for maximum posability! Her faces feature inkjet-printed eye decals, and you also get two unpainted face to make your own custom expressions. Her hip and knee joints have been upgraded for improved flexibility, and she comes with weapon-grip hands (a bit larger than her flat hands) and she also comes with two weapon grips that can be used with M.S.G. weapons! There are 2mm ports in her upper arms (parts are included to convert them to 3mm ports, so she can use Frame Arms, Frame Arms Girls, M.S.G., Gigantic M.S.G., and HexaGear armor and weapons). She’s molded in color, too, so painting is not required. Order her for your own collection today!

[Figure Size]: Approximately 7.5cm tall when assembled
[Materials]: PS, ABS, PVC

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