Godhand – Spin Mold 45



This is a tool for use in model assembly.

45 degree chamfer flat drill blade
Finally released! [No pre-drilling required] Easy to drill 45 degree chamfer round mold!
Just drill and get 45 degree chamfer! Ideal for detailing!

As with conventional spin molds, no pre-hole work with a drill bit is required.
And you can easily make a round mold with 45 degree chamfered sides in a single operation.
Perfect for detailing!

Instruction 1: Firmly insert the center guide into the area where you want to drill the mold.

Instruction 2: Gently turn the mold clockwise with light force.

Instruction 3: Continue turning until you reach the depth of the outer corner.

The size of the mold is clearly engraved on the mold.
The engraved size value indicates the diameter of the bottom surface when a hole is dug.
The diameter of the outer hole when drilled to the outer corner is approximately 1 mm larger than the diameter of the bottom of the hole at the maximum.
If the hole is drilled shallower than this, the outer circumference value will be smaller than the above.

Various detail-ups can be easily created depending on your ideas!

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