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★File at THE EDGE of an inverted part!
There is no file tooth on the convex surface, so can file at the edge of an inverted part.
★Convex shape, hard to bend !
Can transfer hand’s strength to the file surface firmly thanks to hard to bend.
★Short grip for not holding it strongly and able to file lightly.
Cannot hold it strongly, so it is hard to file unevenly and easy to file flatly.
★Can put it in a narrow space!
The width is 5mm, so can put it in a narrow space and best for precise filing.

What is KAMABOKO File (Half-Round File)?
KAMABOKO File, the name shows what it is, a file in a shape of Kamaboko.
Kamaboko…Fish cake or Fish paste.
This Japanese food is a processed seafood product made by fish paste.
They usually shape in half-round and in Japanese, this type of shape is called “Kamaboko shape”

*Metal file specialized for plastic only
・Width: about 5mm
・Total length: about 101mm
・Length of a grip: about 50mm
・Weight: about 12g
・File tooth: Single cut (Smooth-Cut)

KAMABOKO File (Half-Round File)/GH-KF-5-S/ 4562349872459

Perfect for filing at the edge of an inverted part and narrow space! Check it out!

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