GodHand – Masking Tape Nipper [12mm] (Limited Production)


Low Stock


The problem of cutting masking tape…
With dull scissors, masking tape is stuck between blades.
Masking tape peel off from cutting section and make a mistake in painting…
It is annoying to prepare utility knives…
Can cut masking tape straight, nipper specialized for masking tape!!

The adhesive on the cutting section of tape is hard to peel off.
Can stick firmly and avoid making mistake in painting.
Improves work efficiency of painting!

Length: 127mm
Thickness of grips: 10mm (thickest point)
Weight: 60g
Material: From Kobe Steel
Specification is indicated for reference.
*May be there is marginal errors.
Regarding to cutting available blade length.
The length of blade is 15mm, but cannot cut tape 15mm width at once.
Cutting available blade length is 12mm.
More than 12mm width tape, you need to cut more than twice.
Cannot cut at the bottom of blade, so please use the middle to tip of blades.
Cutting available blade length: 12mm
There is no edge on circle section.
Do not cut the tape at the bottom of blades.

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