GodHand – Metal Wire Nippers SWN-125 (w/ Protection Cap)


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■Product details■
From tip to middle of blades: for metal wires under 0.5mm diameter
From middle to bottom of blades: for metal wires from 0.5-2mm diameter
Material from Kobe Steel.
▼Cutting ability
Brass wire: Φ 0.2mm (at the tip)-Φ2mm (at the bottom)
Can cut metal wire 0.042mm diameter without deformation.
Copper wire: Φ0.2mm (at the tip)-Φ2mm (at the bottom)
Aluminum wire: Φ0.2mm (at the tip)-Φ2mm (at the bottom)
Stainless wire (not hardened one) under Φ0.5mm
■Quality display■
Double edged nipper specialized for metal wires.
Spring structure
Length: 130mm / Weight: 65g / Soft grips
Hardness of the edge: More than HRC56
Nipper cap is included
Specification is subject to change without notice.
Do not cut materials not compatible with use.
For your safety, please wear safety glasses.
Please check the safety of your surroundings and that no fragile items are around before use.
Do not touch the edge directly with your hands.
Do not put excessive force especially at the tip.
It may cause chipping and breakage.
Please wipe off finger prints and stains and apply oil on the joint section and the tip to prevent rusting.
Please keep children out of reach and store in a case.When you touch the metal part with your fingers,
wipe off finger prints and apply oil.
Sebum causes of getting rusted, so wipe off it with clean cloth.
Please oil the joint section regularly to prevent the section from getting loose to avoid the decline of the cutting quality.
Put the included nipper cap on after use.

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