HG 1/100 YF-21 + YF-21 Water Decals


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The newest member of Bandai’s “HG” model-kit lineup is the YF-21, which competed fiercely with the YF-19 to become the main mecha from “Macross Plus!” The transformation sequence has been simplified into three steps by using replacement parts. Each form features ease of assembly and a wide range of motion. In addition to the Gerwalk, Fighter and Battroid forms, the YF-21’s characteristic form and its “limiter release” form can also be reproduced. The head can be detailed with a movable shaft at the base of the neck and a ball joint. The shoulder ensures a wide range of motion by moving the duct part and shoulder joint. The chest features multiple axes of movement, so it can move in a. wide range of directions, including front to back and side to side. The canopy is made with polarized molding, and it can be opened and closed. Effect parts to reproduce its Pinpoint Barrier Punch are included! Stickers are provided, and a set of decals is also available. Order it for your own collection today!


Gunpod (x2)
Parts for gun pod storage state (x2)
Effect parts
Landing gear (x1 set)
Fighter form reproduction parts (x1 set)
Joint parts (x1 set)
Hand parts (x1 set)

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