HG 1/72 Aaron Rhino (Grady Exclusive)


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Grady’s Aaron Rhino from “Kyoukai Senki” is now an HG-series model kit from Bandai! With an emphasis on expandability, 3mm-diameter connection ports are placed in various areas for customization. Combine it with the separately sold weapon set series to create your own original mecha kit! It’s equipped with a variety of weapons, including a special blade, short-barrel rifle, and chain gun. The special blade can be mounted under the armpit, and joint parts for mounting the short-barrel rifle are included too. “Battle mode” and “enemy search mode” can be reproduced by replacing the head parts. You can also combine it with the HG 1/72 V-33 Stalk Carry (sold separately) to display it in transport! Order yours today!


Dedicated blade
Short-barrel rifle
Head replacement part
Hand parts (x1 set)
Joint parts (x1 set)
Stickers (x2 types)

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