HG 1/72 HG Brady Fox (Type G)

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The Brady Fox Type G, a reinforced version of the Brady Fox that appeared in the second part of the “Kyoukai Senki” anime and cornered the main characters, is now part of Bandai’s 1/72 scale “HG” model-kit series! Its dark coloring is perfectly reproduced for an anime-accurate look, and its laser cannon is included; hand parts allow it to be held with both hands. Its large shield is also included, and it can be displayed in either its manned or unmanned mode by replacing parts on the head visor. Pairs well with the V-33 Stork Carrier shown on pictures. Order yours today!


Laser cannon
Large shield
Hand parts: open hands (left and right), weapon-holding hands (left and right), gun-holding hand (right)
Manned mode reproduction parts
Foil stickers

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