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Ghost of Serpiente tacón―
XM-X0 Crossbone Gundam X-0
From [MOBILE SUIT CROSSBONE GUNDAM GHOST], Crossbone Gundam X-0 has been released as HG (High Grade) kit !
The X-0’s suit form and color are reproduced using new molding !
Includes various weapons such as Butterfly Buster and multipurpose attack armory “Kujaku” etc !

● The X-0’s suit form is reproduced by new molding !
    The characteristic X-0’s blade antenna is reproduced by new molding.
    New parts are used for the radiation duct part of the chest.
● The silver suit color is reproduced by metallic color molding !
    The silver suit color is reproduced with a metallic color finish to give a metallic effect.
● Butterfly Buster and Kujaku are reproduced by new molding !

    ・Butterfly Buster
    Two Butterfly Busters for the main armor of Crossbone Gundam X-0 are newly attached.
    Both gun and saber mode can be reproduced by switching the parts.
    To reproduce Saber mode, new effect parts are attached.
    ・ Multipurpose attack armory “Kujaku”
    The integrated Multiple Weapon functions of Muramasa Blaster and Peacock Smasher are reproduced by new molding.
    The transformation to Buster or Smasher mode can be reproduced by exchanging parts.

Weapons :
Butterfly Buster / Kujaku / Scissor Anchor /ABC Cloak /
Heat Dagger / Zanbuster(Beam Zanber / Buster Gun)/Beam Saber

1/144 scale assembly plastic model
For ages 8 and up.
Primary materials:PS・PE・PVC
・No adhesives required for assembly

*The product in the picture is painted and is a prototype in development. Actual products may differ from the images.
*Please note that in some cases bubbles may enter the clear parts during manufacturing process.

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