HG EWAC Jegan [P-Bandai]


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The long-awaited EWAC Jegan from [MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM UC(UNICORN)] is released as a HGUC kit!
Loaded with scout equipment, the scout specification suit is reproduced with new molding!
● The head and sensor unit are reproduced with new molding!
  The characteristic head and large sensor unit are reproduced with new molding.
  The coloring when the sensor unit is operating is reproduced with foil stickers.
● The arm unit and other parts of the body are reproduced!
  In addition to a camera unit equipped on the right arm and a sensor unit equipped to the left arm, collar and waist parts are reproduced with new molding!
  Varying in shape, the collar is reproduced using new parts.
  Right camera unit
  Left sensor unit
  The camera unit equipped to the right arm is realistically reproduced, with special jeweled stickers used on the scope.
  New parts are used on the waist, and allows for weapons to be suspended.
● Includes an abundance of weapons, increasing playability!
Weapons : Beam Rifle (2 types)/ Hyper Bazooka / Bazooka / Beam Saber / Shield

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