HG GN-X IV (Mass Production Type) [P-Bandai]


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“From “”Mobile Suit Gundam 00 -A wakening of the Trailblazer-“”, Jinx IV (mass production machine) appears in the HG series!

Reproduce the Earth Federation Army main machine with the molding color and armament according to the setting coloring!

● Reproduce the aircraft color of Jinx IV (mass production machine) with molding color!

  Reproduce the coloring based on the characteristic green color of Jinx IV (mass production machine) in molding color!

  ・ Body coloring

   The characteristic green body color is reproduced with molded colors.


   A simulated solar furnace is installed according to the setting.


  ・ Chest

   The sensor part is reproduced with clear parts and foil seals.

● Various variations can be reproduced with abundant armament!

  Abundant armaments such as NGN bazooka x2, GN beam rifle (short / long recombination possible) are included.

  Various armament combinations can be reproduced, including the equipment form that appeared in the main part!


Attached armed: GN beam rifle (long / short selectable) / NGN bazooka / GN buster sword / GN shield / GN beam saber”

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