HG Gundam Deathscythe


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From the popular anime series “Gundam Wing” comes the Gundam Deathscythe, now a part of the HGAC line for the first time! This kit builds the very first version of Duo Maxwell’s Gundam, which hasn’t been realized as an HG kit in about 20 years.

Sliding gimmicks in the shoulder and knee armor allow for improved possibility, and you can expect significantly improved color separation over the older HG release!


Two varieties of beam scythe effect parts
Buster shield blades can move outward and inward, with optional clear effect parts included
Includes parts to recreated the stowed state of the beam scythe

Beam scythe x1
Beam scythe stowed state parts x1
Buster shield x1
Beam scythe effect parts x2
Buster shield effect parts x1
Foil sticker sheet x1

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