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December 2024


The Gundam EX, as seen in Netflix’s worldwide exclusive release “Mobile Suit Gundam: Requiem for Vengeance,” joins the “HG (High Grade)” model-kit series from Bandai! The high-density details and flexible action poses seen in this CG-animated series can be fully reproduced in this 1/144-scale kit! The characteristic precise details and shapes on the Gundam’s body are reproduced with the parts configuration unique to plastic models; the ammunition belt connected to the shoulder Gatling uses soft parts to allow flexible movement. The backpack is equipped with three beam saber grips, and the movement of drawing them out can be reproduced; the beam rifle can be suspended on the back with joint parts. The shield features high-density detail on both the front and back, too! Use a separately-sold action base to display this kit in dynamic poses. Stickers are included for the markings and unit marks. In order to beautifully express the silhouette of its fighter plane state, the transformation mechanism has been omitted, and parts replacement is used to reproduce its MA form. The foregrip of the beam rifle can be stored and deployed; in MA form, the rifle can be connected to the main wing. Parts division is used to reproduce the accent colors on the body and the color divisions on the head. Collect multiples of this kit to recreate operational movements in formation for an incredible display! Order yours today!


Beam rifle
Beam saber (grip) (x3)
Hand part
Joint part
Stickers (x2)

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