HG Johnny Ridden’s Gelgoog [P-Bandai] Pre-Order



- Piloted by the “Crimson Lightning”

     High Mobility Type Gelgoog - 


From [MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM MSV], Johnny Ridden’s Gelgoog

is now released in HG series !

High Mobility Type Gelgoog’s unique B type backpack and

Rocket Launcher are thoroughly reproduced with new molding parts !


● Johnny Ridden’s Gelgoog’s body thoroughly reproduced with new molding !

  The red body color that gave it its name “Crimson Lightning” is faithfully recreated by color molding.

  Also, High Mobility Type Gelgoog’s characteristic B type backpack is modeled with new molding.



   The High Mobility Type’s symbolic B type backpack is replicated by new molding.

Red and black coloring is recreated with color-coding by divided parts.

   The base of its main thrusters are movable.


● Rocket Launcher replicated by new molding.

  Rocket Launcher is replicated by new molding. Its grip moves flexibly, allowing for the Rocket Launcher to be held with both hands,

  creating a dynamic posture.

  Also comes with Gelgoog’s other standard armaments such as Beam Rifle, Beam Naginata, and Shield.


● Includes newly designed Marking seals.

  Includes marking seals of Principality of Zeon, Johnny Ridden’s personal mark,

  and other newly designed seals.



Weapons : Rocket Launcher /  Beam Rifle / Beam Naginata / Shield



A new WEB project in which “ACE PILOT”and the mobile suits are tracking the battle logs (entries) that are carved into Universal Century history !


VOL.08 “Johnny Ridden”now published !(https://en.gundam.info/news/gunpla/news_gunpla_20180706_04.html)


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