HG Murasame Kai Pre-Order


Estimated Arrival:

December 2024


The Murasame, Orb’s mass-produced transformable mobile suit from “Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Freedom,” joins the “HG (High Grade)” model-kit lineup from Bandai — it can be transformed into its MA form by parts replacement! In order to beautifully express the silhouette of the fighter-plane version, the transformation mechanism has been omitted, and the transformation is accomplished with parts replacement. The foregrip of the beam rifle can be stored and deployed; in MA form, the rifle can be connected tot he main wing. The accent colors and the color-coded head are reproduced in detail by dividing the parts. Collect multiples of this mech to reproduce operational actions in formation! Order yours today!


Beam saber
Beam rifle
MA transformation parts
Fuel tank parts (x2)

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