HG Typhoeus Gundam Chimera



The eagerly anticipated release of the large-scale mobile suit “Typhoeus Gundam Chimera” from the 10th-anniversary commemorative “Gundam Build” series, “Gundam Build Metaverse” is here!

A massive mobile suit with a height of approximately 257mm. The exterior can be removed to recreate the “Typhoeus Gundam” state. The MA (Mobile Armor) mode can be faithfully reproduced.

A display stand is included for floating display. A display stand for the Reflector Bits is also included, allowing you to attach and display them.

Joint parts and two types of lead wires are included to replicate the leg unit and arm unit’s deployed state. The lead wire for the leg unit is of the 5-wire adhesive type, meant for connecting to large units.

[Included Accessories]

Beam Rifle
Smoothbore Cannon x2
Reflector Bit (Stored) x5
Reflector Bit (Deployed) x5
Reflector Bit Display Stand x1 set
Joint Parts x1 set
Lead Wires x2
Lead Wires (5-Wire Adhesive Type) x2
Display Stand x1

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