HG Vayeate & Mercurius Set [P-Bandai]


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The most anticipated duo from the Mobile Suit Gundam W series has finally arrived in the High Grade After Colony model kit series! The kit is provided with amazing newly molded parts that specifies both Vayeate and Mercurius models, from each of its horns to both of its unique equipment and weapon sets! Some of its molds were shared from the HGAC Leo upgraded with great amount parts and add-ons for the variations.

This special set also comes with special stand set and clear parts to hold Mercurius’ Planet Defensor units.


Beam Cannon – Vayeate’s main armament is supported with a large backpack unit connected to its beam cannon using a transparent plastic energy cable. The unit is also equipped with a telescopic deployment that can be moved for realistic feel.

– A support arm is also attached to it for better stability and to support its structure when in standby mode.

Planet Defensor – Mercurius’ main equipment is a 5-pair funnel bit unit that are attached to its backpack when not in use, and can be separated as and form a strong energy shield to protect itself from almost any attack even from Wing Gundam Zero’s twin buster rifles.

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