HiQ VC Dome 3 Green Large (5.0 6.0mm) (5pcs Each, 10pcs)





These VC (Variable Color) domes from HiQParts make it easy to add detail to your favorite robot or mecha models and figures! They’re made of an optical resin that’s treated with a special coating, and thanks to the reflective foil on the back of each one, the reflected light is rich in color, which changes depending on the angle it’s viewed from. Although these items are designed for HiQParts’ SP/HD plate accessories (sold separately), you can use them on just about any model, although the size may not match up perfectly.

You’ll receive 10 in the package — five of the 5mm diameter version, and five of the 6mm diameter version. Order yours today, and you’ll be amazed at the sense of depth and presence these items add to your models!

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