HiQParts Acrylics Sanding Boards – Full Size




── batten for sandpaper strong binding force is restored in the wash. It is a tool that specializes in out plane. Economic!

– Batten of sandpaper that specializes in plane out.
– You use pasted to cut the sandpaper with a pair of scissors by yourself.
– The pressure-sensitive adhesive sheets accompanying is an economical can be used many times because the pressure-sensitive adhesive force is resurrected in the wash.
– If the adhesive force in the wash does not return, the return to some extent when degreased with ethanol for disinfection.
– Use a pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet of thin 0.5mm, to use the surface smoothness of high polycarbonate plate than acrylic plate, it is ideal for plane sanding, such as a mechanical model.
– Commercially available sandpaper or recommended Tamiya, Inc. finishing paper pasted,.
– Conspicuous accessory to count seal, because the count can be confirmed immediately in the work, you can recommend with confidence to the inexperienced beginner to work.
– Evaluation of the model experience is also high auxiliary tool.

– Li tack stick half is, the hands of the smaller and, is there are more to be used in such AFV model.

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