HiQParts NP Metal Pipe Gold Large 20pcs




This is a part for improving the detail of energy lines, etc. Model spring or other core material such as aluminum wire can be passed through the pipe with multiple pieces connected together for a more unique appearance.

The NP series is characterized by its thin mouth shape, which allows for the use of thicker core materials and more powerful detailing.

To connect the pipes, use a precision springs or aluminum wire (sold separately).

To paint, apply metal primer after degreasing, and then paint with model paints.

Number of pieces: 20 pieces

Size Chart for all Size Types (sizes other than the one specified in the title are sold separately):

Size S

Outer diameter: 3.1mm Width: 2.5mm
Inside diameter: 2.1mm Compatible springs: 1.9, 2.0mm
Reference length when 20 pieces are connected (gap 0.4mm) 57mm

M Size

Outer Diameter: 4.2mm Width 3.5mm
Inside diameter: 3.1mm Compatible with 2.9 and 3.0mm springs
Reference length when 20 springs are connected (0.8mm gap) 85mm

L Size

Outer diameter 5.2mm Width 4.5mm
Inside diameter 4.1mm Compatible with 3.9 and 4.0mm springs
Reference length when 20 springs are connected (0.8mm gap) 105mm

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