Kotobukiya 1/72 Armored Core Variable Infinity Rayleonard 03-Aaliyah Supplice Opening Version


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This is a reissue of the 2007 Rayleonard 03-AALIYAH. The kit itself appears to be the same; its mostly snap-fit parts (cement is required for just a few parts) come molded in color, and this super-detailed kit will stand 14.5cm tall upon completion. Polycaps are used for joints, allowing for a wide range of action poses. Its overboost can open and close, and its long-range cannon attached to its back unit can be deployed.

Rayleonard 03-AALIYAH is part of Kotobukiya’s Variable Infinity series of “Armored Core” full-action plastic kits that not only allows you to build your favorite AC mechas, but also interchange the weaponry, limbs, bodies, and heads with those of other kits in the series, just like in the game, providing infinite mecha variations and the chance to create your own unique AC!

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