Knights Of Sidonia – Tsugumori


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Several improvements have been made to the original TSUGUMORI model. How the thigh armor is equipped and the added articulation to the ankles allows for the model to be able to stand on its own and is easier to pose. Additionally, the shoulder and upper arm joints have been redesigned, giving it an even greater range of motion than the original TSUGUMORI.

This model comes with a newly designed “Super High Speed Ballistic Acceleration Device”. The “Heigus Particle Cannon” on the model’s head and the boosters on its back are articulated, allowing you to recreate scenes from the series. The Artificial Kabi Blades on the arms (shields) can also be recreated.

Stowed in the shoulders, the Artificial Kabi Blades can be removed and attached to the model’s hands. Auxiliary weapons for the arms, such as the gatling gun and the guided missiles are also included. Moreover, an original weapon created for the model by Nihei, the “Toa Heavy Industries Type 2 Compound Artificial Kabi Blade” is also included.

The model is made of white plastic that accurately portrays the machine as it appears in the series, with different textures to differentiate between different parts.

The kit also includes a variety of decals to recreate the machine’s distinct markings.

Wrist parts to recreate the Garde’s characteristic clasp formation, or “shoui,” for two models and three or more models are also included.

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