Macross Delta 1/72 VF-31J Super Siegfried (Hayate Immermann) + SUPER PACK Option Parts


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Hayate Immelman’s VF-31J Siegfried from “Macross Delta” will be fully transformable between all three modes once assembled! It’s molded in color so paint isn’t necessary (although it will look even more awesome with some paint), and it snaps together so assembly is easy and fast! The cockpit can be built as a one- or two-seater version. A weapon pack with a removable gunpod is included, as are two figures, various hand parts, water-slide decals and stickers for the markings. Don’t miss it!
Power up Hayate Immelmann’s VF-31J Siegfried with this Super Pack! Molded in blue, gray, goldtone, red, black and white plastic.

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