Madworks MT49 Adhesive Free Sanding Board


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Each box comes with 5pcs

Adhesive-free Handheld Sanding Board – Patented Triangular Grips, 5 per set.

Product Feature 1: The Patented Triangular Grips do not require double-sided tape to secure the sanding sponges, saving you time in cleaning up or replacing the consumables.

Product Feature 2: Ergonomic handle improves sanding efficiency and comfort, and minimizes fatigue from prolonged usage.

Product Feature 3: When combining the hard sanding board with the cushion on the sanding sponge, not only is this suitable for precision sanding on flat surfaces, it is also suitable for curved surfaces, small arcs, and uneven surfaces.

Product Feature 4: This product is suitable for MAD 3mm/5mm sanding sponges and all MAD premium soft sanding sponges.

Product Feature 5: Every package includes stickers for each sanding grit. Looking up the required grit is quick and easy.

This product is a collaboration with WORMxTOY’s Mr Chong. It is an affordable, aesthetic, and easy to use product designed for all scale model lovers like you.

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