Megami Device AUV Susanowo Souen


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Susanowo Souen is the newest member of Kotobukiya’s “Megami Device” figure kit series! Newly molded in bright blue and white, this powered-up version of Susanowo features various large and small effect parts in the form of blue flames that seem to radiate from her entire body, giving this figure a completely different look than the earlier version. Three new facial expressions are also included. The clear flame effect parts are newly molded and come with joint parts to connect them; the mechanical arms and legs have a frame structure to greatly expand the range of customization. The armor can be removed from and attached to the frame as you like; she can go into her “Insane Mode” or “Brutal Mode” with abundant armed parts. Her main weapon, Frostbite, can transform into a whip, a gun or a tail with a large number of joints. She can also be displayed without her armor and weapons if you prefer. The armor and weapons are also equipped with 3mm-diameter joints and heads, so they’re compatible with M.S.G, Frame Arms, Frame Arms Girls, Hexa Gear, Sousai Shoujo Garden, Arcanadia and other series. Order her for your own collection today!

[Size]: Approximately 22cm tall when completed
[Materials]: PS, ABS, POM, PVC (non-phthalic acid)

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