Megami Device Series WISM Soldier Assault/Scout


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Megami Device is a brand-new plastic model kit series, which you can build by attaching armor parts and weaponry to the amazingly well-articulated body; or you can choose to display her as an ordinary girl without the mechanical parts!

Megami Device features compatability with armor and weaponry from previously released Frame Arms Girls, Frame Arms and M.S.G. kits; a full complement of weapon parts is included with this kit to get you started. This kit also has two different character heads with three interchangeable facial expressions each (for a total of 6 facial expressions), and a total of 10 interchangeable hands. Masaki Apsy designed the new “Machinika” body, so you know she’s cute!

Please be aware that this kit will build one figure, not two figures. You get parts for one body, with two different heads to choose from.

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