MG Eclipse Gundam Raijin Equipment [P-Bandai]


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The Eclipse Gundam from the Mobile Suit Gundam SEED’s side story manga “ECLIPSE” emerges with its newly designed striker pack called Raijin Striker. This kit includes the whole Eclipse Gundam unit added with the Raijin Striker unit which is newly molded!

Based on the Lightning Striker Concept, the Raijin Striker pack is featured with a large battery pack which expands its firepower capacity. This new striker pack was based on the design by mechanical designer Junichi Akutsu.

The Raijin Striker Pack can also be installed while the Eclipse Gundam is on its mobile armor mode.

To complete the kit, it also comes with a new part for its head unit which features a sensor system, a display base, and a sheet of water slide decal.

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