MG Impulse Gundam Blanche [P-Bandai] Pre-Order


Estimated Arrival:

August 2024


Jet black “Gundam Astray Noir” and pure white “Impulse Gundam Blanche”―
From official spin-off story “MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM SEED ASTRAY Princess of the Sky” (popularly serialized in the monthly Gundam Ace magazine),
the Impulse Gundam Blanche driven by Elsa Weiss is made into a product for the Master Grade Series!
● Thoroughly replicate the mobile suit’s pure white base color with colored molding!
In contrast to “Gundam Astray Noir” ridden by Dante, replicate the white base characteristic mobile suit color with colored molding.
Utilizing two varieties of colored molding with differing nuances of white shades, faithfully replicate the mobile suits characteristics expressed in the delicate color variations.
● Comes with a new design of water slide decals!
Comes with a new design of water slide decals that include the caution marks, along with the
characteristic left-shoulder markings on Elsa Weiss’ special suit.
● Replicate the “Destiny R Silhouette!”
Replicate the large backpack “Destiny R Silhouette” that is equipped to the back.
・ Possible for the “Wolfsbane Long Range Beam Turret” to be opened up across the back from the backpack, replicated into attack pose, and removed and placed into both hands.
・ Possible for single items to be displayed due to a structure that permits independent movement. (supported by “Action Base1” (sold separately))
・ The wing portion utilizes an expandable structure, and it is possible to display an even larger impressionable form.
●“Destiny R Silhouette” can be joined to the Master Grade Series MS that equips to the Striker Pack!
    《 Examples of supported recommended joint 》 *sold separately
       MG Gundam Astray Noir,MG Aile Strike Gundam Ver.RM, and more
● Comes with head parts to replicate different configurations with multiple choices!
Included equipment: Destiny R Silhouette, Wolfsbane Long Range Beam Turret, Beam Rifle, Shield

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