MG Unicorn Gundam 03 Phenex (Narrative Ver) [P-Bandai]


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P h e n e x A r r i v a l ―
U N I C O R N G U N D A M 0 3
From [MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM NT(NARRATIVE)], Unicorn Gundam 03 Phenex is released in Master Grade.
Its brilliant coloring is reproduced with glossy gold coating to match its impression from the story.
New parts of Armed Armor DE in new moldings are included.

● Its golden exterior is reproduced with glossy gold coating.
  The brilliant coloring of the [MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM NT(NARRATIVE)] version is reproduced with the deep color of glossy gold coating.
● New parts of Armed Armor DE are reproduced by new molding.
  New parts for its stabilizer stretched out like a tail is reproduced with new molding. By the implementation of a wire, expressions can be made flexibly.
● Includes newly designed water decals.
  Comes with water decals including new designs and foil stickers.
● Poses from the story can be reproduced by its MG standard range of motion.
● Reproduces its two transformations.
  Reproduces the Unicorn Mode and the Destroy Mode !
Weapons : Beam Magnum / Beam Saber / Armed Armor DE / Hyper Bazooka

1/100 scale assembly plastic model
・No adhesives required for assembly

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