MG Powered GM [P-Bandai]


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“””RGM-79 Powered Gym”” 1/100 first kit! !
From “”Mobile Suit Gundam 0083 STARDUST MEMORY””, commercialized the eagerly-awaited powered gym in the master grade series.
Thorough reproduce the characteristic sites in the new shape! Rich weapons also included! !
The body kit, set the same using the “”Jim breaks””.

● thoroughly reproduce the characteristic each site over the whole body in a new molded parts!
Backpack, in addition to the shock absorber unit, chest armor, front armor, rear armor,
Reproduction leg armor, a characteristic each site, such as ankle armor in the new shape.
Ducts arranged in the armored where the orange tones, the detail parts, such as injection nozzles reproduced in forming color.

· Chest armor
Characteristic chest armor with four locations the duct, reproduced in part that has been color-coded duct portion.

Thruster and the injection nozzles at a plurality of points characterizing the aircraft thrust is enhanced, and the base having a built-in tank,
Reproduced in realistic shape based on the setting. Such as rivets mark to produce a fine detail is also reproduced in the mold.

· Back knee
The energy cable of the knee back, adopting the varnish tube.

Ankle armor
Rear shape reproduce the distinctive ankle armor.

● rich weapons also included!
Hyper-bazooka, other 90mm machine gun, comes with a number of armed, it can be a variety of action poses!

● comes with a water transfer type decals for the new design!
Numbering, caution mark, other military mark, also recorded such as troops chapter mark of Torrington base belongs.

● adopt the PS to the internal frame (joint)! (May 25, 2016 postscript)

Comes armed: Hyper Bazooka / 90mm machine gun (※) / GM rifle (※) / beam saber /
Beam spray gun / shield
(※) can be assembled in a selection formula (some parts shared)

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