MG Tallgeese III [P-Bandai]


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“From “MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM WING Endless Waltz” MG 1/100 Tallgeese III finally releases as model kit!!
We can also call him Preventer Wind.  ——————-
From “MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM WING Endless Waltz” MG 1/100 Tallgeese III is released in the Master Grade Series.
Tallgeese III’s characteristics are thoroughly reproduced with new molding!
● The form of the characteristic head and shoulders are reproduced in new parts!
● Includes various weapons with new molding that conforms to the MG standard!
 〔 Mega Cannon 〕 Applies with gun barrel expansion structure!
        It is possible to reproduce storage mode and expansion mode without exchanging parts.
 〔Heat Rod 〕    The flexible form is reproduced by combining multiple parts.
Includes length adjustment parts, which allows to adjust for the desired length.
 〔Shield 〕    Allows to carry on the left arm, and the tip allows for storing the Heat Rod.
          Tip parts can be changed, and it is possible to expand the Heat Rod.
● Includes new figure!
    Figure (standing & sitting) of “”Preventer Wind”” aka Zechs Merquise.
● Comes with a new design of water slide decals!
Weapons : Mega Cannon / Heat Rod / Beam Saber / Shield”

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