MG YMS-07 Prototype Gouf [P-Bandai]



From “Mobile Suit Gundam MSV”, Prototype Gouf, a prototype mobile suit for land battles that follows the J-type Zaku, is commercialized in master grade.
The unique body shape of the head and chest armor is reproduced with new modeling.

The familiar impressive colors of MSV sketches are reproduced with molded colors.
Characteristic parts such as the head, chest armor, backpack, and leg armor are reproduced with new modeling.

The characteristic aircraft color that matches the MSV draft is reproduced with MG-compliant color coding.

Reproduce the head, which has a different shape from the regular Zaku Gouf.
The visor part uses clear orange parts to reproduce the atmosphere of the MSV sketch.

The newly shaped chest armor is reproduced with rich mold details.
The cockpit part uses clear orange parts and is equipped with an opening/closing gimmick.

The distinctively shaped backpack with three nozzles is entirely constructed from new parts.

The entire shape of the leg armor, which is equipped with an auxiliary propulsion system, has been recreated with new modeling to enhance athletic performance.
Comes with a newly designed water transfer decal that includes line markings unique to the MSV aircraft.

In addition to numbering, caution marks, military marks, Gouf Lady markings are also included as an option.

Due to the change in the shape of the manipulator, Zaku Bazooka, Zaku Machine Gun, and Heat Hawk are included as handheld weapons.
Uses Ver.2.0 frame with excellent movability and proportions!

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