MODO* N97 Instant CA Glue


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MGM Modo Paint MODO N97 Ultimate Instant Glue

modo* 2017’s strongest finale product “Ultimate Instant Glue N97” is here!

Newly developed by the craftsmen, super sticky! Super fast! Ultra-precision, low-whitening “universal precision adhesive”!

Do you feel that the instant glue on your hands is not sticky enough, or that the more you use it, the less sticky it becomes. Will you stick to a small thing when your hands are shaking to the point? Just because the glue is not violent enough, or the bottle isolation is not good enough, the performance of the glue will decline!

The patented “aluminum skin X elastic tube composite standing bottle” of N97 ultimate instant glue can effectively cut off light and air, and the suction rebound is easy to operate. The precision connection work depends on this!

Plastic, glass, GK, wood, leather, ceramics, acrylic, rubber, fiberboard, etching film, etc. are all applicable (PP/PE not available), and it has a wide range of uses!

Exquisite elevator set (with 3 precision sockets) (3.5ml)

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