Mr Mark Setter




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“Use Mark Softer to apply dry transfer decals.

Apply the mark setter to the position where decal is to be stuck.
Stick a slide mark
Spread it evenly and remove water with a swab, etc.
Apply the mark softer on it, remove water again
In the past, Mr. MARK SOFTER was used simply to soften decals.

However, now, using Mr. MARK SOFTER together with Mr. MARK SETTER (which gives decals greater adhesiveness) makes it much easier to affix decals to plastic models.

First, the area to which the decal will be affixed is painted and the decal is applied.

After air bubbles are removed by pressing on the decal with a cotton swab, a coating of Mr. MARK SOFTER is applied and allowed to dry.

Because the decal now has greater adhesiveness, adhesive silvering (the floating and shiny quality of the clear parts of decals) can be firmly affixed to uneven surfaces.

It is perfect even for poorly made decals from Eastern European models.

Decals have better adhesiveness if the painted surface is prepared to have a glossy appearance, and they gain an appearance that suggests they were drawn by hand.”

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