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Kotobukiya’s Gigantic Arms Orbital Maneuver can be combined with the Order Cradle, or used on its own in its fishlike form! When in its vehicle form, it features 3 5mm-diameter movable shafts on its back, which can be used in combination with various parts such as HexaGear. The large booster unit has hexa-holes and 5mm ports for customization and combination. Its grips can be folded and stored inside its armor; when combined with the Order Cradle, it can be used as a large set of legs. It can also be combined with the Heavy Weapon Unit 16 Overd Manipulator with the included conversion part. And it can be ridden by Frame Arms Girls (sold separately) when in vehicle form! Add this versatile unit to your mecha-army today!

[Size]: Approximately 32cm long when assembled
[Materials]: PS, PE, ABS
[Set Contents]:

Orbital Maneuver
5mm joint
Combination parts for Order Cradle legs (1 each, left and right)
5mm diameter hole conversion parts for Overd Manipulator
Hexa shaft/10mm diameter shaft joint
Hexa shaft joint (x2)

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