MSG Heavy Weapon Unit 27: Demonic Arm





Kotobukiya’s Heavy Weapon Unit 27 Demonic Arm is back, adding a versatile bellows-joint arm to your favorite mecha’s arsenal! It consists of a set of four joint units combined with blades and a crushing claw, all with a devilish design. Since the joint units can be connected infinitely, the length of the arm can be adjusted to the user’s preference! Its organic silhouette is perfect for building third-generation Hexa Gear and Frame Arms mecha, and the joints can also be used to make a bellows neck unit or tail! Each joint unit is equipped with a movable shaft connected by a 5mm-diameter ball joint for flexibility. The claw unit has three claws movable at the base, and it can be used as a hand or manipulator; four types of blades that are attachable to the joint units are included. Increase the reach of your favorite robot or mechanical battle contraption — order yours today!

[Set Contents]:

Joint unit (x4)
Crushing claw
Blades (x4 types)
Rear unit (x2)
3mm general-purpose shaft joint (x6)
5mm general-purpose ball joint (x6)

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