MSG Heavy Weapon Unit 35: Orbit Circle


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The Orbit Circle multi-purpose flying unit joins the “M.S.G” (Modeling Support Goods) lineup from Kotobukiya! It includes a clear-molded digital circle unit and four multi-purpose flying units. The connecting arm is movable, so the angle can be changed even when the flying units are connected to the circle. The digital circle unit consists of four parts. The joint of the 3mm connecting part can be removed, and you can make it into a different shape from the ring in the open or closed state.

The multi-purpose flying units each have a shield on the front and mechanical parts on the back. The mechanical parts have built-in clear molded wings, and are equipped with a storage and deployment gimmick. Attach the barrel parts to change each to an independent floating turret; use the separately sold New Flying Base or Playing Base A in the 3mm hole in the back to create a floating turret that flies independently! The barrel parts can also be used as a 3mm joint shaft, and multi-purpose flying units can be connected vertically using the barrel parts to create a large multi-purpose flying unit.

You can connect the included grip parts to the 3mm hole on the back of the multi-purpose flying unit, and use it as a wrist-worn shield for a robot model or girl character model! The arm unit for connecting the back can be flexibly moved with multiple movable axes, and the digital circle can be used at any angle and position. Order this unique and versatile weapon for your own collection today!

[Size]: Approximately 8.2cm
[Materials]: PS, PE, ABS

[Set Contents]:

Digital circle unit
Dedicated flexible ar
Multi-purpose flying unit (x4)
Connecting arm (x4)
Barrel parts (x2)
Grip (x2)
3mm general-purpose shaft joint (x4)

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