MSG Missile & Radome


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A missile pod with a hatch design and a sensor radome have been added to the WEAPON UNIT series as a set.

This unit can be attached to the shoulders of Frame Arms models using the Frame Arms arm attachment.

The missile pod is equipped with 3mm connection points on all sides for users to enjoy.

The missile heads are designed to be inserted through the back of the pod, making them easier to paint.

Unit Details:
■ Missile Pod
■ Radome
■ Frame Arms Arm Attachment
■ Movable Arm
■ 3mm Connection Joints

■ Missile pod hatch that can open and close.
■ By using the movable suspension arm or 3mm connection points, the unit can be equipped on parts of models such as their back units.
■Using the Frame Arms arm attachment, the unit can be used as shoulder equipment for Frame Arms models.

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