PG Unleashed RX-78-2 Gundam Pre-Order


Estimated Arrival:

April 2024


The entire build of the kit also features 5 phases where it starts from its deep inner framing, covered with layers of numerous detailing and add-ons.


– The whole bone structure of the kit lies in its deeper inner framing which makes the whole structure stands. This includes pre-molded parts for its jointed parts, like arms and legs.


– Giving the kit a little more movability by providing some multiple joint parts in its inner framing. These joints acts as additional support to the inner structure’s stability and to help provide the kit bending movements.


– GunPla’s inner framing just got better with the help of metallic texture framing. These parts provides more detailing to the inner frame’s structure, giving it some realistic mechanical feel and some special highlights. The parts also gives more weight to the inner framing, keeping its stability when posed.


– Detailing has just gotten more fun by using the provided etch films that adds some extended detailing to its inner framing and outer armor pieces.
– Each film are also printed in colors that adds interesting highlights to the kit.


– The kit’s finishing touch features light emitting sections, provided by the new 2-lamp LED lights that casts lights to different parts of its structure, that includes the eye cameras, chest vents. The beam saber also has a tiny LED light installed in its hilt that reflects to the beam effect part when activated.

– The final build of the kit can also perform a full open-hatch gimmick, which also is one of the many amazing assets of a Perfect Grade model kit.

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