RE/100 Quess Air’s Jagd Doga [P-Bandai]


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From[MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM: CHAR’S COUNTERATTACK], Quess Air’s Jagd Doga is released in RE/100 !

Characteristic form and color of Quess Air’s suit and weapons are faithfully reproduced by new moldings.



● Quess Air’s Jagd Doga faithfully reproduced by new moldings and color moldings !

   While retaining the overall massiveness of the suit as according to the story image,

   Detailed molds in various parts of the suit vastly improves the details of the suit.


  ・Head parts

   The characteristic flow line of Quess’s suit’s head parts is reproduced by new moldings.


  ・Mega Gatling Gun

   Mega Gatling Gun is reproduced by new moldings. Detailed RE-standard molds can be found in various parts.



   The red and light gray-based color pattern of Quess Air’s suit is reproduced by color molding.

    Along with the main body, detailed parts of its shield and even the interior of the verniers are colored solely by parts division.



● Story image reproduced with weapons full of gimmicks

  Weapons with many gimmicks reproduce the story image.


  ・ Beam Saber with Head Knife

    The Beam Saber with Head Knife can be stored in the waist armor by removing the beam effect.



   The six variable Funnels are stored in the shoulder part binder. They can also be launched.

   Also, using the included clear supports, the all-range attack as seen in the story can be reproduced.



● Option parts for recreating “The Sleeves” Jagd Doga included !

By using the included Sleeves parts and replacing the right arm and backpack with those of “MG 1/100 GEARA DOGA (UNICORN Ver.)” sold separately,”The Sleeves”Jagd Doga from [MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM UC] can be reproduced.

*To reproduce “”The Sleeves”Jagd Doga”, “MG 1/100 GEARA DOGA (UNICORN Ver.)” (Premium Bandai Product; sold separately) is required.

   *Reproduction of the image requires additional painting.



Weapons:Mega Gatling Gun / Beam Saber with Head Knife / Funnel / Shield


1/100 scale assembly plastic model

・No adhesives required for assembly


*The product in the picture is painted and is a prototype in development. Actual products may differ from the images.

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