RG Destiny Gundam [TITANIUM FINISH] [P-Bandai] Pre-Order


Estimated Arrival:

September 2024


The release of the Real Grade (RG) Destiny Gundam with a titanium finish honors craftsmanship and the enduring appeal of “Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY”. This limited edition model kit not only recalls one of the Gundam series’ most spectacular Mobile Suits, but it does so with unprecedented luxury and detail. Let’s look at the excellent qualities that make the RG Destiny Gundam Titanium Finish a sought-after item among collectors and fans alike.

The RG Destiny Gundam Titanium Finish edition is a visual feast, thanks to its superb metallic design. This model raises the concept of a collector’s item to an art form by combining innovative modeling technology with sumptuous materials.

Titanium Finish: The primary allure of this edition is its white-plated titanium finish, which covers the main body’s white exterior. This choice of finishing not only gives the model a shimmering, futuristic look but also adds a tactile sense of quality and durability.

Metallic Colors: Complementing the titanium finish are the metallic colors that adorn various parts of the Gundam. These include deep blues, vibrant reds, rich yellows, and sleek grays, each contributing to a solid and cohesive aesthetic that catches the light and the eye.

The “Wings of Light” are one of the Destiny Gundam’s distinguishing qualities, and this model allows collectors to take this iconic visual to new heights. Though offered separately, the hologram-treated “Wings of Light” extended effect unit can be coupled with the Gundam to produce a truly beautiful display. This addition not only improves the Gundam’s visual attractiveness, but it also highlights the metallic finishes, resulting in a presentation that is both lively and beautiful.

The RG series is known for its precise articulation, and the Destiny Gundam Titanium Finish version follows that rule. The model’s unique movable gimmick allows for a variety of bold, action-packed positions. Whether represented in calm stasis or in the midst of battle, the Destiny Gundam is poised to wow from all angles.

No Gundam model would be complete without its arsenal, and the Destiny Gundam comes fully equipped for any scenario. Included in this edition are:
The Arondight beam sword, for close-quarters combat.
A high-energy long-range beam cannon, capable of striking foes from afar.
An anti-beam shield, providing defense against incoming attacks.
The Solidus Fulgor beam shield generator, offering an additional layer of protection.
A high-energy beam rifle, for versatile offensive capabilities.
The Flash Edge 2 beam boomerang, adding unpredictability to its range of attacks.

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