RG Evangelion Unit-01 Test Type


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-The first Evangelion machine is now available in the RG series!
-Pursuing to reproduce Evangelion’s action pose as an Android as RG.

-Thorough pursuit of precise coloring expression by molding color. It can be expressed simply by assembling colorful colors.
-Chest, abdomen, and back parts are interlocked with multiple armor when leaning forward or looking up. In particular, a large range of motion is secured by the large movement of the chest parts.
-Reduced armor interference when bending your knees. Succeeded in expressing joints like a human by sinking back knee parts like real muscles.
-Internal parts interlock when the neck is movable. Natural posing and expression can be reproduced.
-Interlocking of the internal frames enables the expression of joints with shoulders and twisting arms. Impressive crouching poses can be reproduced without breaking down in a form close to nature.
-When the legs are opened, the internal parts that look like muscles work together to create a natural standing.
-Entry plug is included as a separate part.
-Comes with abundant optional parts such as 2 progressive knives, 1 pallet rifle, 6 left and right hand parts, and umbilical cable.

・ Progressive knife × 2 types (normal and stored)
・ Pallet rifle × 1
・ Hand parts (left and right) x 6 types each
・ Umbilical cable x 1
・ Realistic decal × 1

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