RG Wing Gundam


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A brand-new RG kit of one of the most popular Gundams out there: the Wing Gundam from “Gundam Wing!” This kit recreates the original Wing Gundam as it first appears in the anime series.

Various gimmicks and mechanisms have been crafted in 1/144 scale to allow the Wing to be displayed in poses straight from the anime. Articulation gimmicks have also been created in the wings to give them more bird-like posing abilities.


MS joints for use at the base of the wings
Built-in gimmicks in the torso and shoulders to allow dynamic posing with the beam saber and beam rifle
Can be transformed into Bird Mode by reconfiguring parts
Action base support parts are included to support display in MS form or Bird Mode.

Buster rifle x1
Shield x1
Beam saber x1
Hand parts x3 pairs
Weapon-grasping hand (right) x1
Action base support parts x1
Realistic decals

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