Soul of Chogokin – GX-96X G Armriser ‘Getter Robo Go’ [P-Bandai] On Sale

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The mighty Getter Robo Go joins the Chogokin Damashii lineup from Bandai! Combine Getter 1 with its large rotors, Getter 2 with its drill, and Getter 3 to become either Getter Robo Go, a versatile robot that specializes in ground combat, Getter Sho or Getter Gai! Fully poseable, Getter Robo Go comes with its Getter Tomahawk, Boomerang Sorcer, and Leg Blades. Getter Sho, a female robot that excels in airborne high-speed combat, features the Tornado Attack and String Attack, as well as interchangeable parts for the Breast Bomber. The Getter Gai tank form takes the battle undersea and under the ground; it can use the Getter Tomahawk and Great Hammer weapons, and the abdominal turret can also equip the Impact Cannon or Harpoon Cannon. A special base is included to display all the parts at one time. Order this iconic giant robot for your own collection today!

[Figure Size]: Approximately 18cm tall in Getter Robo Go form
[Materials]: Die-cast, ABS, PVC

[Set Contents]:
Getter Robo Go (Getter 1, Getter 2 and Getter 3 combined)
Leg Blade (x2)
String grip
Harpoon Cannon (x2)
Great Hammer
Interchangeable hands
Support parts for hands (x2)
Replacement parts for hand
Base for display
Catapult parts for Getter 1
Catapult parts for Getter 2
Catapult parts for Getter 3

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