Tamiya Light-Curing Putty 40G


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For any busy modeler

Putty cures rapidly once exposed to a direct light source.

Unbelievable curing time

The Light-Curing Putty will cure in approx. 1 minute when exposed to direct sunlight, or in approx. 2 minutes under fluorescent light (27W).

Easy to handle one-component putty

The Light-Curing Putty is a one-component putty so does not require any curing agent, realizing very easy usability. Consisting of a smooth paste property, the putty is easy to apply to all surfaces.

Does not shrink during curing

Compared to conventional polyester based putties, the Light-Curing Putty displays almost no shrinking when drying.

Realizes excellent workability after curing

After completely curing, the Light-Curing Putty realizes easy cutting, trimming and filing, ensuring to obtain a smooth surface.

Can be painted over with plastic paints

After curing, the Light-Curing Putty can be easily painted over with plastic paints.

*Original colour: Yellow, Net: 34g (aluminum tube)

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