Undeaddress Isis DX Ver. 1.1


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Alphamax is proud to present the third installment of the ‘DarkAdvent’ plastic model series – Undeaddress Isis in a DX version! Her lustrous skin is wrapped in a golden robe, and her graceful appearance truly iconizes her as the proper Queen. She comes with a scepter as a sign of sovereignty and a statue of her late husband and king, Ravuses XII. The scepter’s decoration can be adjusted, and the statue of Ravuses XII can be attached to Isis’ outfit. The horns on her head can be replaced with two different types, giving her both a dignified and cute appearance. She comes with a straight face, a face without tampo printing and decals.

The DX “Undead Special Parts” that are unique to the DX Ver. can be combined with multiple parts to create a variety of variations, allowing you to play with not only Isis and Ravusess XII, but also with other existing characters. Ravusess XII is also equipped with an LED light-emitting function. Order today!

[Figure Size]: Approximately 16cm
[Materials]: ABS, PVC, POM


Hand parts x9 types
Horn type x2
Face parts x6 (tampo printed face x5, blank face x1)
Staff part
Prepainted chest part x3
Decal sheet
POM joints
Magnetic parts
Base set
Bare part
Undead special part x2
Ravusess XII
Ravusess XII face parts x5
Red LED set (LR626 batteries not included)
First time release only: Clear green runner set

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